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Screen printing inks

The screen printing inks method is suitable for printing many different flat and shaped materials such as paper, plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, etc. Combining our partner Ruco consistent high quality inks and Jet Technologies over 20 years expertise and knowledge we can mix the right colour ink for your application.

The trend towards colourful and fancy packaging led RUCO inks in the 1970s for the development of colour series for industrial screen printing. Today the company offers a comprehensive program or two-component inks for printing of various substrates in conventional screen printing on.

Our inks are:
- High gloss
- Very reactive
- Thixotropic formulation
- Pretreated PE, PP, PVC and other plastics, paper and cardboard
- Fast print speeds even in extreme climatic requirements
- Brilliant silver as an alternative to expensive embossing
- Low migration
- Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
- High colour strength and colour transfer
- Precise expression of fine details and negatively fonts

For more information please contact Martin McEwan via email mmcewan@jet-ap.com or phone 1300 888 723.