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asahi printing plate for flexo printing processes

Asahi Printing Plates

Asahi’s flexo plates are a simple way to improve print quality. High print resolution, bright images and excellent press performance are a small selection of advantages you can expect using Asahi plate technology.

Product Range

Asahi AWP Water Washable Plates

This water washable plate contains premium Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer, which is designed to facilitate reduced printing pressure. Lighter printing impression produces constant repeatability of printing quality during the production run. This characteristic is achieved, by engineered photopolymer chemistry, reducing the surface energy of the printing plate and allowing better ink release.

  • Easy and fast manufacturing
  • Perfect ink transfer
  • Extremely sharp lines and grid
  • Very fine raster percentage range

Asahi AFP Solvent Washable Plates

Asahi’s AFP solvent wash flexo plates offer a wide range of plates, suitable for many applications, from our premium top plate with clean transfer for flexible film to our new APC Plate for corrugated printing.

Prepress Equipment

Product Range

Computer To Plate Machinery

Screen has been the world’s leading manufacturer of Computer to Plate (CTP) systems for more than 10 years. Jet Technologies supplies CTP devices for your flexo label printing requirements, each machine is built with the same attention to detail that ensures world-renowned reliability

Plate Processing Machinery

Our AGI equipment is designed for processing flexo solvent, flexo water and other photopolymer plates. For the exposure, processing, finishing and drying procedures.

Customer Success

“The quality that can be achieved with Asahi’s AWPTM plates is higher than what can be achieved with solvent-based plates, and they are much more environmentally sustainable, which is important to both Nu-Maber and our clients. In addition, the Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer that is a hallmark of these plates results in a cleaner overall printing process with fewer press stops for plate cleaning, improving pressroom productivity for our customers.”

– Livio Simionato, CEO, Nu-Maber


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