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Rotary tooling

Precision Rotary Tooling is an integral part of many printing & manufacturing companies. Jet Technologies’ experts study your production processes in order to recommend the correct precision tool that will deliver optimal results and efficiencies. The product portfolio is significant and covers the narrow web, wide web, envelope, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

As a globally recognised market leader in the field of rotary-die cutting technology, Kocher+Beck is also the preferred systems supplier in other areas related to the production of high-quality printed products.

Magnetic flexible die

A1 Universal flexible dies3L laser long life flexible diesNanotec flexible dies
QualityStringent demandsHardness levels 65-68 HRC (laser hardening technology)Extremely thin micro coating hardness over 80 HRC
ApplicationAll self-adhesive and single materials products: Paper, PP, PE, PVT, PET, Tyvek, thin films etcAll self-adhesive and single materials products: Paper, PP, PE, PVT, PET, Tyvek, thin films etcAbrasive plastic and paper materials

Gluex variants – special coating prevents migration of adhesive and ink. Available for A1 and 3L flexible dies only.

  • Gluex plus, runs standard quality at Kocher+Beck and thus already meets high demands.
  • Gluex ultra, special coating (food-safe/fda-compliant) guarantees the best possible non-stick effect with optimum cutting and label quality.

Magnetic Cylinders

- Extreme retention force 9.1 N/cm2
- Higher values available (increase in multiple of 5) by using special magnets
- Concentricity and gap dimensions tolerances max .00012”(3 microns)


Solid Rotary Die

EDM cutting cylindersThe high-grade tool steel with spark-eroded cutting edges guarantees the finest contour cutting results. The EDM cylinder can also be used for metallic materials.
Marathon cutting cylindersCNC-milled and through-hardened, this cutting cylinder is made from high-grade tool steel.
Platinum cutting cylindersCNC-milled, hardened and chrome-plated, this cutting cylider is made from a high-alloy chromium steel, which ensures extremely sharp cutting and requires very little cutting pressure.
Thermalizer cutting cylindersMade from very wear-resistant steel, the extremely smooth cutting edge reduces friction during the cutting process.
AD1 and AD2 cutting cylindersCNC milled, through-hardened cutting cylinder made from high-grade tool steel.
Removable sheeting and perforating cylindersCross cutting and perforating cylinders through-hardened bearers and a high-ground cylinder body made from high-alloy tool steel and high-precision blades.
Removable sheeting and perforating cylindersLineal cutting and perforating cylinders are multipurpose and durable precision tools.
Anvil cylindersADesigned for high-precision work for all types of machinery in generalise, anvil cylinders are made from high-grade tool-steel.

Print Cylinders

Silk screen ringsSilk screen end rings with surface treatment, manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machines with tight tolerances, guarantee optimum print quality and a long service life.
Hot stamping cylinderWith the latest image and text processing systems, together with excellent technical capability, absolute contour precision and accurate reproduction of even the most complex designs can be achieved on the cylinder.
Magnetic printing segmentThe print plate is inserted along the front edge and aligned using the integrated setting ruler while you simply carry on printing. You can switch to shorter format lengths in the machine without removing the saddle.
Magnetic printing cylindersCombined with the folding and bending device with integrated register ruler developed by Kocher+Beck, adhesive tape for print plates is now a thing of the past. Print plates can now often be changed without removing the printing cylinders from the machine.
Flexographic and letterpress printing cylindersThese reliable tools for label manufacturers are recommended by many machine manufacturers as reference tools. Leading machine manufacturers deploy these cylinders as original equipment in their printing presses. The cylinder bodies are made from aircraft grade aluminium or steel.


In the latest version of the GapMaster, the positioning unit is integrated in the sliding block on the operator´s side. This eliminates additional work on the press frame and means that the cylinder can also be used for underside stamping. The GapMaster IC can be used universally on additional machines of the same type without requiring additional fitting work.

The permanent high-precision setting means that cutting tool wear is reduced and tool life increases significantly.