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Anilox rollers

At Jet Technologies we understand the importance of Anilox Rolls are designed for optimum ink release, has an anilox surface that is laser engraved with high quality ceramic to reduces cell wall porosity. With our partners Jet technologies can provide a wide range of aniloxs products to suit any application using the latest technology.

  • Manufacture any anilox to any specification
  • High quality ceramic
  • Variety of engraving available
  • Updated cell structures
  • Latest laser engraving
  • Optimal levels of quality and predictability

Benefits of this technology:
- exceptional print quality
- improved consistency
- optimised cell profiles
- higher line screen definition
- greater volume and definition combination's

For more information please contact Darryl Wilson via email dwilson@jet-ap.com or phone 1300 888 723.