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Welcome to ‘The Art of Wine Packaging’

Jet Technologies offers functional packaging to make your brand look best on shelf, this includes closures, sparkling wine hoods, liquid pour pouch with spout & bag-in-box.

Product Range

Wine/Spirits Closures – ROPP

With the highest European quality, our aluminium closures have multiple liner options to manage the oxygen transfer rate that your product may require. The cap size range is extensive and suitable for local application in manufacturing.

Jet Technologies’ aluminium closures can be printed up to 5 colours to create the beautiful & functional packaging for your business.

ROPP closures for:

  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Anti-refill options available

Colour Chart

Jet Technologies is capable of printing up to 5 Pantone colours on a single closure.

Wine – Natural and Synthetic Corks

Jet Technologies has a complete range of wine corks perfectly suited for all applications. We strive to provide closure solutions to the wine industry that maximise performance, design and sustainability with our range of natural and synthetic corks.

Our range of natural and synthetic corks include:

    • NOMACORC PLANTCORCS: Our most sophisticated product in the market today. Born of a desire to eliminate TCA in wine, Nomacorc has captured the hearts of winemakers with consistent performance.
    • SUBR MICRO-NATURAL CORKS: Our leading brand in the high-end, premium-quality natural cork sector.

Sparkling Wine Hoods

The standard for sparkling wine closures:

      • Big sizes
      • Multiple printing options
      • Gravure printed
      • Digitally printed
      • Hot stamped

A range of hoods made from biocompatible material, a patented polymer, multi-layered & self-supporting material. Free from glues and adhesion promoters with 100% vegetable origin.

Recyclable Sparkling Wine Hood

      • A sparkling wine hood that’s is 100% recyclable, a unique offering in the local market.
      • Ultra-thick alloy material of 70-150 micron thickness, premium option for a premium feel.
      • 80% of the remaining polymer structure originates from plant-based bio carbons (ASTM D6866-18 Method B).
      • Available with up to 3 separate print processes (offset, embossed, screen, gravure, hot foil etc).

Biodegradable Wine Cork

A sustainable, glue-free, and micro-agglomerated cork. As it is made from TCA-taint-free cork granules, it combines high performance with outstanding design for closing premium wines with long-term cellar aging, biodegradability and no taint from adhesives often found in natural corks.


A range of bag-in-box options include:

      • Sizes from 1 to 20 litres
      • Barrier and Non-Barrier
      • Spout options available

Certifications that cover the following:

      • ISO certified
      • HCCP certified
      • Food contact certified
      • Migration certified
      • Environmental certified
      • Quality certified


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