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Digital Printing

Even in the label and package industry, diversified, short run printing is becoming increasingly common. At the same time, clients continue to require improved costs, shorter turnaround, and higher quality and there is the ever present question of how to create attention-grabbing products that stand out among the wide range of items available. Jet Technologies has the answer in conjection with Screen there new Truepress Jet L350 UV machine.


Screen is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of system components for the prepress and printing industries.

Why Truepress Jet L350UV?
- Optimised for diverse, short run output
- Top level productivity
- Reproduction of wide CMYK color gamut
- Smooth output of gradations
- Easy operation and maintenance
- Easy on the environment

Screen’s proprietary UV Truepress inks provide coverage of a much wider gamut than previous process color inks. This enables a natural finish and higher level of quality even for label designs with subtle color differences.Truepress inks are also low odor and create little buildup, making them ideal for post-processing such as varnishing and laminating

Media width100 to 350mm (4" to 13.7")
Printing widthup to 322mm (12.6")
Repeat length50.8 to 2,400mm (2" to 94.4")
Roll diameterUp to 750mm (29.5")
Media thickness0.09 to 0.35mm (3.5 to 13.7 mil)
Speed50 meters per min (164 feet)

For more information please contact Darryl Wilson via email dwilson@jet-ap.com or phone 1300 888 723.