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Specialty Label Stock

industrial roll of label paper stock

Specialty Label Stock

Jet Technologies’ famous soft touch films are now available pre-laminated as label material.

Our Entice Product Range

A fantastic range that conveys the sensations of luxury and exclusivity ready for print and embellishment. This pressure sensitive label stock is printable by HP Indigo, UV Inkjet as well as all of the usual conventional label printing methods.

Entice Black

A matte black label stock with a premium soft touch finish.


Entice Gold

A matte gold label stock with a premium soft touch finish.


Entice Silver

A matte silver label stock with an elegant silver finish.


This product range is directly printable & HP Indigo compatible without the need for priming.


Suitable Applications

  • Boutique beverage labels
  • Gin Labels
  • Whisky Labels
  • White Wine (Water resistant substrate with excellent in ice-bucket performance)


Give your labels a sense of luxury.



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