Flame Retardant Compounds

pile of flame retardant plastic compounds

Flame Retardant Products

Jet Technologies has supplied a range of flame retardant products in Asia Pacific for nearly a decade. Our area of expertise is in the pipe and cable manufacturing sector.

Product Range

Thermoplastic Rubbers

  • Suitable for injection moulding, cables and profiles extrusion
  • Oil resistant grades suitable for direct food contact (FDA approved)
  • Grades for over-moulding on polymers

Thermoplastic Compounds

High fire power low-toxic fumes, free from heavy metals and halogens used as filters from heavy metals and halogens used as filters in multipolar cables and composite aluminium/filler/aluminium panels for building applications.

  • Wide range of specific weights and fire levels that can be easily processed

Halogen free flame retardant compounds

  • Granule form for easy process
  • Prevent the spread of fire and reduce the risk of suffocation associated with toxic smoke

Crosslinkable polyethylene

  • Suitable to extrude in plants equipped with PVC or PV screws
  • Preferred raw material in production of low and medium voltage cable insulation

Crosslinkable ethylene-propylene rubber

  • No requirement of nitrigen or steam vulcanisation
  • Mechanical properties, such as tensile strength
  • Scratch resistance
  • Performance at higher temperatures, often with an increase in the melting temperature
  • Gas permeation reduction
  • Shape memory retention


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