New capping machine lifts the lid on productivity for Australian and New Zealand food manufacturers

Jet Technologies today announced it has launched a brand-new machine that caps jars for Australian and New Zealand food manufacturers.


The Smart Capper is a fully automated capping machine designed for production lines. Capping machines are a critical component in ensuring a quality product that meets food standards and consumer expectations.


“The Smart Capper is a compact capping machine, so is suited to smaller manufacturing spaces, while still capping to meet production demands”, said Daniel Malki, General Manager, Jet Technologies. “For food manufacturers that use jars for products such as sauces, spreads, olives and vegetables, the Smart Capper will help improve productivity through a reduction of reject rates on jar lids. This will also minimise wastage of lids, which saves on costs.”


The machine is designed for ease of use and low maintenance, both in terms of time and cost, making it an efficient machine that provides a proven implementation for food manufacturing, reducing any chances of “bottlenecks” in the production line. Constructed of stainless steel, the Smart Capper is easy to access, and its hygienic design allows for optimal cleaning.


“As the food manufacturing industry continues to look for innovative ways to increase productivity to meet the demands of Australian consumers, Jet Technologies feel confident our new capping machine will provide our customers with the best solution to meet their needs,” said Daniel.


The Smart Capper, which is part of the Crown capping portfolio, is designed to provide the performance and variable speeds that Australian food manufacturers require.

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