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Rotary screen printing

RotaPlate SPGprints screen material allows you to print faster, at a higher quality, while decreasing your operational costs. With Jet Technologies partnership with SPGprints our rotaplate range will suit any application,

1. Stronger

  • Long lifetime
  • Extremely studry
  • Less downtime
  • No back-up screen required
  • Re-use for repeat orders

2. Sharper
The squeegee side of the RotaPlate is very smooth, giving very low squeegee wear. The printing side, however, has sharp edges, which leads to sharper printing and cystal-clear results.

Our team of experts provides in-depth advice on specific production related matters onsite.

Plate thicknessmicron5356635163626769125130185315
Open area%111519172116223243535353
Maximum particle size*micron81011121313142250858585
Print resolution**micron80859095100105110125225300500900
Theoretical Wet ink deposit**micron68108101115184080150250

RotaMesh SPGprints screen material is reliable, long-lasting and highly accurate means of printing on a wide range of web widths.

- High accuracy perfect registration
- Increased press uptime
- High-speed printing
- Constant quality
- Reliability

RotaMesh screens are available in a wide range of mesh counts to satisfy even the most demanding application requirements.

For more information please contact Martin McEwan via email mmcewan@jet-ap.com or phone 1300 888 723.