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Plastic & credit cards

For over 15 years, Jet Technologies has been an active partner to Card Producers throughout South-East Asia and Oceania. Over that time, we have put together a range of products that are made for cards, tested over many years in all kinds of card environments. We work closely with our clients, applying our broad knowledge of cards to ensure that they receive the very best advice and guidance.

Apollo are known throughout the world as the very best inks for lamination. We stock and support a wide range of their inks and coatings for:

  • Screen Printing (Solvent, Waterbased or UV)
  • Offset (UV or Waterless UV)

Specialty products from Apollo include:

  • A wide range of metallic inks, including VISA and MasterCard approved items
  • Signature panels, Laminating Adhesives, IR Blocking inks


 PVC, PET and Polycarbonate Materials:

  • PVC Core (clear, white and coloured) for various applications from basic to high performance cards
  • PVC Overlay (coated or uncoated, sheets or rolls)
  • Polyester core for high performance or specialised cards
  • Polycarbonate core and overlay for long life and identity cards
  • Coated PVC core and overlay developed for HP Indigo

Located in Northern Italy, CT Lay is a VISA, MasterCard and American Express approved manufacturer of various products including:

  • CT Stripe: Pre-laid magnetic stripes on either overlay or core (plastic or cardboard)
  • Laminating Plates: Gloss, Matt and Laser-etched security plates
  • CT Patch: Standard or custom holograms embedded in a range of PVC, PET or PC carriers

For further information please visit C.T.Lay website.

Laser engraved security plate

Laser engraved security plate

CT Stripe: Pre-laid magnetic stripes

CT Stripe: Pre-laid magnetic stripes


 For more information please contact Jack Malki via email jmalki@jet-ap.com.