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UR+M Precision

Running your press 24 hours a day seven days a week is what Kocher+Beck  UR+M precision equipment can achieve. Jet Technologies can provide onsite installation, training and ongoing technical support if needed.

1. Automatic transfer unwinder

This state of the art system provides a fully integrated package that maintains non-stop production with no impact to the printing or converting process. The automatic transfer unwind system ensures non-stop feeding of web materials to printing and converting machinery.

2. Automatic transfer rewinder

The automatic transfer rewinder ensures non-stop winding of web materials coming from printing and converting machinery. A unique “flying scissors” mechanism ensures a smooth straight cut-off no matter what material is being processed.

3. Automatic matric transfer rewinding system

The automatic matrix transfer rewind system ensures non-stop winding of self-adhesive matrix produced by a combined printing and die cutting process. A lay on-roller, non-stick coated rollers and a speed fine control potentiometers guarantee a material independent stripping and winding quality.