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Mounting tape

For flexographic printers secure plate bonding to cylinders and sleeves is the primary requirement. The mounting plate must be easy to reposition the plate to provide:

  • Consistently high quality printing
  • Fine and crisp lines printing

Stokvis tapes offers a comprehensive line of plate mounting tapes that can meet virtually every requirement in flexographic/letterpress printing applications.

1. Cushion mount 4Flex printing2. Solid mount 4Print letterpress
Three different grades of compressibility availableFour different tape thicknesses available
- Soft- 100um
- Medium- 150um
- Hard- 200um
- 300um


Features of the product range:

  • Correct bonding strength on any kind of print plate
  • Not plate lifting (including smaller diameters)
  • Control of the reproduction of each image on the plate
  • Perfect balance between consistent¬† solid ink coverage
  • Consistent at various printing speeds and impression
  • Precise registration plate to plate
  • Minimal set-up time

For more information please contact Darryl Wilson via email dwilson@jet-ap.com or phone 1300 888 723.