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Jet Technologies offer the full Flexowash range of cleaning equipment, combined with our expert technical and sales support we can clean up your print room.

Flexowash is successfully developing innovative and high quality cleaning equipment to satisfy needs of flexo and gravure printers worldwide.

Our product range includes:

Anilox roll washer Daily washing and maintenance of rolls
10 – 20mins cleaning
Gentle cleaning
No wear or tear on the roll
Gravure cleanerDaily washing and maintenance of cylinders
10 - 20mins cleaning
Advanced PLC control machine
Parts washersUser friendly custom built parts washer
Automatic unit to wash - Doctor blade chambers, ink trays, ink sumps, Other removable press parts
Pneumatic or electrical pumps available
Solvents or environmentally friendly liquids can be used
Screen washersRotary screen cylinders
UV-drying screen inks
30L of cleaning liquid
10mins cleaning
Air powered diaphragm pump is filtered and circulates without any waste to the environment
Liquid can be left for sedimentation, can be reused
Sleeve washers Wash laser-engraved print sleeves and plates mounted to sleeves
Environmentally friendly cleaning liquids
Made from stainless steel and high resistant material
4-6 sleeves simultaneously
Adjustable for all size sleeves
Cleaning solutionsA range of environmentally cleaning solutions fro your application

Sustaining a high quality print can be hard at the best of times, especially when your anilox rolls are clogged or damaged. It is therefore essential to keep them clean and regularly inspected.

Jet Technologies can alleviate this burden by performing a full cleaning and inspection service for anilox rolls at their Head Office in Rosebery, Sydney.

Once received the anilox rolls go through a pre-wash inspection, and the surface is checked for damage. After cleaning this inspection process is repeated and a full report returned with each roller.

For more information please contact Darryl Wilson via email dwilson@jet-ap.com or phone 1300 888 723.