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filling and sealing machinery

The product is filled inside pre formed cups (made of PS, PP, APET CPET, aluminum and coupled cardboard) , on the top of which compatible pre-cut lids are sealed. 

Main applications:
- ready-made meals
- desserts
- dairy
- salads
- meat
- fish
- bakery
- medical
- cosmetics
- pharmaceuticals

Ilpra Opti 300 manualIlpra Rotobasic manualIlpra FP400 manual
descriptionPre-dosed manual tub/container sealerPre-dosed tray/tub sealingPre-dosed tray/tub sealing
approx. operating capacity per/hr300500300
liddingdie cut liddingreels fedreels fed
cup/try carriers4 cupsmultiplemultiple
laminating filmspre-cut lid onlyaccepts printed and unprinted filmaccepts printed and unprinted film
Ilpra FS2000Ilpra FS2500 TronicIlpra FS5000Ilpra FS7000Ilpra easyform formpackIlpra Foodpack speedy
descriptionRotary fill sealRotary fill sealRotary fill sealRotary fill sealrigid or flexible thermoformedPre dosed tray sealing
control methodtouch panelSiemen, colour touch screenSiemen, colour touch screenSiemen, colour touch screenn/an/a
vacuum and gas flushingnooptionalnonooptionaloptional
operating capacity per/hr2500 cycles2500 cycles5000 cycles6000 cycles720 cycles1380 cycles
liddingreel fed, die cut, snap onreel fed, die cut, snap on reel fed, die cutprinted/unprinted laminated film
No. stations8 station 8 station - two tubs/containers per station 9 station - two tubs/containers per stationn/an/a
CIP cleaningnoyesyesyesn/an/a
lifting device under cupsyesyesyesyesn/an/a
conveyor beltmotorised exitmotorised exitmotorised exitmotorised exityesyes