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vertical form fill seal machinery

Since 1850 the name Goglio has been synonymous with quality, excellence and commitment within the packaging industry. The Italian giant of the packaging world, is a leader in packaging machinery and flexible packaging with a focus on the coffee industry. 

Main applications:
- whole Coffee bean / ground Coffee
- Rice
- Yeast
- Flour
- Pet food
- Detergents
- Powders
- Chunky products

Goglio G18Goglio G14 corta (short)Goglio G14 lunga (longer)Goglio G21Goglio G22Goglio G500Goglio G500Goglio G300
Machine output36-38 bags/min, 1000 g beans36-38 bags/min, 1000 g beans36-38 bags/min, 1000 g beans12-14 bags/min, 1000 g beans70 bags/min, 250 g ground coffee50 bags/min, 250 g ground coffee40 bags/min, 1000 g beans coffee30 bags/min, 250 g ground coffee
Auger with beans kit optional (beans and ground coffee production)optionaloptionaloptionaloptionalaugers onlyoptionaloptionaloptional
Corner seal without corner trimoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Change over 4 corner sealsoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Valve applierYesyesyesoptionalyesyesyesyes
Code marker "MOD. Markem 5i"optionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Label applier "MOD altech"optionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Label applier on conveyoryesyesyesoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Tape applier on conveyornoalternative to labelalternative to labelnooptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Gas flushingoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Half moon on bag marker/conveyornoconveyorconveyornoconveyorconveyorconveyorconveyor
Vacuum with/without gas flushingSoft onlySoft onlySoft onlySoft onlyyesyesyesyes
Longer exit conveyor for tin tienooptionaloptionalnooptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Soft bag rejectnonononooptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Check Weigher for integrated auger/PLCyesyesyesnoyesyesyesyes

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