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degassing valves

Goglio was the first company to develop the degassing valve in the 1950s. The valve is used to release, gas emitted by roasted coffee while preventing air from entering and coming in contact with the product itself. The one-way degassing valve is FDA approved and significantly contributed to Goglio's growth.

Main applications:
- coffee
- yeast
- sauerkraut
- vegetables (Co2)
- powdered detergents
- industrial applications to remove air trapped in bags during palletisation

goglio one way valve

goglio one way valve

descriptiondiameterheightweightmaterialopens atcloses atflow rate
InnerThe most popular type, hidden underneath the laminate20.2mm6mm1.04gPE3-9mbar> 0.5mbar1,2-1,9 l/min at 6 mbar
ThinA thinner and smaller type, for a low impact on the package surface19mm3.7mm0.64gPE2-8mbar> 0.5mbar1-1,3 l/min at 6 mbar
Low opening pressure (BB)For a light swelling effect on packages for dry products20.2mm6mm1,01gPE3-9mbar> 0,5mbar1,3-1,5 l/min at 5 mbar