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  features grades
(SLES) Sodium Laureth Sulfate 70% Low Dioxane content
1 EO Neutral
1EO Alkali
2 EO Neutral
2 EO Alkali
3 EO Neutral
3 EO Alkali
(APG) (Alkyl Poly Glycoside) Dioxane Free
Sulfate Free
N-free surfactant
derivated from Plants only
C04, C06, C08, C10
C12 – C14 (HPLC)
AG Derivatives Superior foaming ability to AG
Very low skin irritancy
AG- Sulfonate
(CME) Cocamide Monoethanolamine Viscosity modifier & Foam booster
for personal care products as
substitute for CDE
General Grade
(BT) Cocoamidopropyl Betaine Thickener & foam stabilizer.
Transparent & Good stability
General grade
(EGDS) Ethylene Glycol Distearate Opacifying and perleazing
agent with good color,
odorless & cost effective.
BG) Antimicrobial Humectants Humectant that has antimicrobial
function. Substitute for
1,2-hexanodiol, 1,2-octanediol.
Butyl Glycerin
Hexyl Glycerin
Caprylyl Glyceryl  Ether
Ethylhexyl Glycerin
Premix Series Various premix product for special function.
A) Enhancing the stability
of hair care products,
B) Easily realiaze the
pearl in PC products,
C) Modift rheology of
Glycerile Oleate/AG
PBA) Performance Boosting Agent Increasing the foam amount
in Personal care Products
and Solubilize the dirt smoothly
Natural Lecithhin Emulsyfier Natural emulsyfier based on
mixture of diglycerides,
stearic, palmitic, oleic
acids and so on, linked
to choline ester of
phosphoric acid.
Hydrogenated Lecithin
Rheology Modifier & Solubilizer Nonionic Emulsifier / Solubilizer,
gives an outstanding emulsifying
and solubilizing effect in
personal care formulations
Hydrogenated Castor Oil/
Propylene Glycol
Trihydroxystearin dispersion
Pearlising Agent Mixtures of glycol distearate  
and surfactants that give an
outstanding pearlescence  
luster for a wide range of
personal care formulations.
Ceramide Essential ingredient for
maintaining healthy skin
and also effective in
restoring dry and aging skin
5% ceramide 3
30% ceramide 3
40% ceramide 3
Green Solvent Glycerol Acetonide   
Fatty Acid

C16/C18  (Palm Stesrine 
based Hydrogenanted)
C16/C18:1 (Palm Stearine)
C12/C14/C16/C18:1 (Palm kernel)
C12/C14 (Coconut)
C12 (Lauric Acid 98%)
C14 (Mysistic Acid 98%)

Fatty Alcohol C8 (Octyl alcohol)
C10 (Decyl Alcohol)
C12 (Lauryl Alcohol)
C14 (Mysistyl Alcohol)
C16 (Cetyl Alcohol)
C18 (Stearyl Alcohol)
C8C10 (Octyldecyl alcohol)
C12/C14 (Laurylmyristyl Alcohol)
C16/C18 (Cetostearyl Alcohol)
Glycerine 99.5%