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  features grades

(SLES) Sodium Laureth Sulfate 

 70% Low Dioxane content 
1 EO Neutral 

1EO Alkali
2 EO Neutral
2 EO Alkali
3 EO Neutral
3 EO Alkali

(MES) Methyl Ester Sulfonate High performance biodegradable surfactant, recommendes as a partial substitution of LAS  Powder
(APG) (Alkyl Poly Glycoside) Dioxane Free
Sulfate Free
N-free surfactant derivated from Plants only
C04, C06, C08, C10
C12 – C14 (HPLC)
AG Derivatives Superior foaming ability to AG
Very low skin irritancy
AG- Sulfonate
(ND Series) AG Derivatives Excellent degrasing power
Eco-Replacement NPE
Low Foaming
High Foaming
(AE) Alcohol Ethoxylate Low Dioxane content (<1ppm) 6 EO Mole
7 EO Mole
8 EO Mole
9 EO Mole
(MEE) Metyl Ester Ethoxylate Eco-friendly surfactants for fabric detergents
High cleaning performance
3 EO Mole
5 EO Mole
7 EO Mole
8 EO Mole
9 EO Mole
11 EO Mole
(AO) Amine Oxide Viscosity modifier for dishwash liquid 32% Active
(EQ) Ester Quat Conditioning surfactant for fabric softener Paste:  1X - 4X
Liquid:  1X - 4X
GEQ) Glycerol Ester Quat Cost effective surfactant with excellent stability Liquid:  1X - 2X
Activating Agent Boosting the performance of bleaching ingredients al low temperature  
Organic Builder Builder for powder fabric detergent that can substitute zeolite  
Green Solvent  Glycerol Acetonide